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Law Vs Grace Part 3

Galatians Chapter 2-4

 In Chapter 2:14, Paul challenges Peter by saying how can you compel the gentiles to live like a Jew, yet, he Peter lived like a gentile.  I'm not sure if this confrontation with Peter was before or after Peters’ experience in Acts 15, where he himself describes the law as a yoke which them as Jews could not bear, but would place that yoke on the gentiles. 

Paul starts off chapter 3 with the words “You foolish Galatians,” in other words l cannot believe that you want to go back to keeping the law to add to the work of Christ. In chapter 3 :10-14, Paul brings in the Old Testament by saying the book of the law itself Deuteronomy 27:26 says, “cursed is any man who does abide by all things written in the law.” He also says in Galatians 3: 18 that our inheritance as Christians is not based on the law, but based on the promise which was made 400 years before the law. Paul then ends off chapter 3:29 by saying if you belong to Christ one is a descendant of Abraham. In other words, this chapter emphasizes that no one is able to keep the law and that our inheritance in any case is based on a promise made before the law.

In Chapter 4:4&9 Paul says that they are in bondage under the elementary things of the world.  Chapter 4:10 he speaks of observing days and months as the elementary things of the world, in other words, things like circumcision and the keeping of the Sabbath. Paul says in Colossians 2:16 - that no one is to act as your judge in respect to food, drink and the Sabbath day. In Colossians, Paul is actually saying that no one should act as your judge about the elementary things of the world. Furthermore, in Galatians 5:3 it says everyone who receives circumcision is under obligation to keep the law and goes further to say neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything, but faith working through love.

Chapters 2-4 clearly show us as believers that if a person wants to only keep one aspect of the law, one has to keep the whole law. Now no-one is able to keep the law, Peter confirmed this in Acts 15. Only faith in Jesus and nothing else gives us access and acceptance to God the Father.

Please note: This writing does not promote lawlessness or minimize the law, but rather promotes faith in Christ as the answer.

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