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HOROSCOPES - Astrological Predictions and the need to know the future.

"Do not act like the other nations, who try to read their future in the stars." (NLT) -Jeremiah 10:2

Most of us would like to know our future, hence so many people spend money on fortune telling and witch craft.

Sometimes we read horoscopes and open our ears to predictions. Yet these things take our hearts away from depending on God for protection. They won't satisfy our soul the way God can. Remember, God is the only one who knows our future. He loves us and will always be with us as long as we invite Him.

Lets come nearer to church. Many born again Christians are so desperate to get a word from God to know their future and they believe anything someone tells them, yet 1 Thessalonians 5 says "do not despise prophecies, but test them. Hold on what is good reject what is wrong". False prophets flourish because of our need to know the future.

The word of God is enough to keep us going. Please note l am not against the prophetic, l am just giving a balance view. Living by faith is what makes Christianity so exciting and trusting God everyday for every situation. God will decide to give you a word, do not chase after it and become reckless. And God is warning us against horoscopes, so do not read it, it shows your lack of faith in God.

Received from Pastor Chris and then edited with permission.

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